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Our Story

 August the Collection was created in loving memory of my father, Mr. Ryon C. Reynolds.

Born on the 26th Day of August in 1971. He was a dreamer and a doer. A boss that did not mind getting his hands dirty. He was always the star of my galaxy. Inspired by his influence, I wanted to create something that celebrated what his spirit embodied. Ultimately, encouraging others to tap into those positive attributes within themselves.

His LOVE taught me to always carry myself with grace and respectfully, that my appearance mattered most. He loved fashion too, so I decided to create something with his suave, debonair spirit in mind.

August The Collection is for the woman of many strengths willing to make sacrifices towards making all her dreams come true. She’s bold but delicate. Courageous but strategic.

Experiences give her wisdom, not to mention her eye for effortless “ready to wear” fashion.

Here at ATC we think every woman should be celebrated everyday.

Our brand is all about creating compelling garments, complimenting the woman you already are, and allowing you to explore and love the woman you’re becoming. Each of our lovely garments are handpicked to accent the unique parts of YOU.

No matter how your day is flowing, let them see you shine!

It’s August everyday!

Meet Our Curator & CEO

"I want to provide clothing and build a community that touches tour mind, body and soul."

Ryon Reynolds is a retail expert with 10 plus years of experience. Ryon has a passion and wealth of knowledge surrounding fashion. As a business owner Ryon seeks to help other women shine through her curated and clothing and sharing her life experiences. 


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